Sleep. Dream. Live. Better.

Personal coaching

for lucid dreamers

Lucid Dreamers Are Bold

We’re willing to explore our minds, face our fears, and find out what we’re made of deep down.

But without anyone to connect with and guide us, practicing alone can feel aimless.

A tour guide for your dreams

As your personal guide, I will provide the support & insight you need to explore your dreams with confidence

I will help you...

Remember your dreams

Dream recall is a must if you want to become a skillful lucid dreamer.

Learn the art

Lucid dreaming is much more than just induction methods. Let's explore the true potential together.

Practice Mindfully

Mindfulness provides a stable framework so you can practice without feeling lost or aimless.

Meet your Lucid Dream Coach!

Jason Cassidy

Hey! I'm Jason, founder of Mind Awake. I've worked in Sleep Medicine & Research for over 10 years and I've been a lucid dreamer for over 15 years. I'm a Certified Mindfulness Teacher, Lucid Dreaming Teacher & I am trained and certified in Cognitive Behavioral Therapy for Insomnia (CBT-I). I have worked directly with thousands of patients in the Sleep Clinic and I've helped over 6,000 people with my online courses in Sleep & Dreams. Now I'm offering personal coaching and I hope you'll join me.

How it works

Everyone’s different, so we will customize it for you, but generally the program works like this…

1. After you book your sessions, we'll have an introduction call

2. We'll customize your Coaching Program

Whether you’re new to lucid dreaming or you want to improve your practice, I’ll help you find the right path, and guide you along the way.

3. Mind Awake App

If you don’t have it already, get my app, Mind Awake, on App Store or Google Play. You’ll take the guided course in the app, and on our calls, we’ll discuss your progress, and set some goals for the following week. If you’ve already taken the course, we can customize further…

4. Nudge App

Another app?? I know — but, we can communicate through this free app AND personalize your coaching program so it’s far more than just a guided course.  We’ll tailor the experience specifically for you.  I’ll send you an invite to Nudge after you enroll for coaching.

Reviews >>>

"This program is very well done. I am a sleep & dream researcher who is obsessed with lucid dreaming and this course is extremely useful! Jason teaches the most important concepts in the space. Condensed many techniques and lucid philosophies into concise audio portions. Amazing content, incredibly executed. Keep up the amazing work!" - Micah
"I did it! I used the balance beam technique and it worked to go straight into a dream. Of course I flew out the window which rocked! Bonus of this series is that I’m not bummed if I find myself awake in the middle of the night as it gives me a chance to practice. Thank you!" - Laura
"This program is awesome. The course is flat-out, bone-simple, brilliant. Not a word, or breath is an extraneous move. Jason is an incredible listener and teacher. " - Shane
"Excellent program! Jason includes instruction on getting lucid, of course, but also thorough explanation of mindfulness which truly does prepare you for lucid dreaming. I attained a few short lucid dreams and some sub-lucid dreams, in which I made note to observe colors, and discovered how vivid the colors are in my dreams. Take this program! It's well worth your time, and will change both your dream experience and your waking life!" - Jodi
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This is a highly in-demand service. It’s very rare to find a lucid dreaming coach willing to work with people one on one.

More than anything, I want millions of people to learn how to lucid dream and I want the teachings to be  affordable. That’s why I made the Mind Awake subscription only $5/month. But for those who want to commit and level up their practice, the coaching program needs to be no less than $300/month.

The proceeds will go to developing the Mind Awake app and fulfilling the mission of bringing lucidity, mindfulness, and healthy sleep to people around the world.   


2 Person rate:

Let’s say you want to do the program with a friend. 

Your rate would drop to $250 per person (instead of $300). — That’s over 15% off.

You’ll both join on the 1 hour weekly calls. 

I will customize your practice in the Nudge app, and you’d both get the same reminders, same techniques and exercises to follow, but I’ll be able to track your progress in Nudge individually.

3 – 5 Person rate:

If you sign up with 3 to 5 people the rate will drop to $200 per person! 33% off!

We’d meet as a group once a week and you’d all get individual accounts on Nudge and Mind Awake so we can track your progress individually and discuss as a group.

For now, you’ll need to invite other people to join you.

  1. Lifetime subscription to Mind Awake and all future courses, techniques, content, and features.
  2. Weekly 1 hour calls (video or audio, up to you) with me. We’ll know your ability, work towards your goals, move through roadblocks, and make sure you’re having fun and enjoying the incredible wonders of lucid dreaming.
  3. Each week, we’ll customize and develop your program — personally tailored for you (through the Nudge app).
  4. We can chat throughout the week and make sure you’re getting the support you need every day.
  5. If you haven’t already, you should take the Lucid Dreaming course in the Mind Awake app, and that will be your guided path; 5 lessons per week. And we’ll discuss progress, obstacles, and explore any topics you like on our calls.


You’ll get the most out of the coaching program by taking the 4 week Mindfulness-Based Lucid Dreaming course in the app. The course has what you need to become a knowledgable, skillful lucid dreamer. 

On our weekly calls, you’ll get the clarity and additional support you need to ramp up your practice and make sure the program is as effective as possible for you.

The app is like a gym membership… but this coaching service is like having a personal trainer for your dreams.

On video (or audio if you prefer) calls, we will go over the course material you did the week before, discuss your progress and challenges… then plan out your next week.

And in the nudge app, we’ll add custom reminders, dreamwork tools, and mini-lessons on topics you care about, as well as trackers to help you measure your progress. 

All of these resources will empower you to develop your personal lucid dreaming practice.

I’ve been studying and practicing lucid dreaming for over 15 years. I’ve taken 4 immersive courses, read several books on Lucid Dreaming, Mindfulness, and Cognitive Behavioral Therapy. And, of course, I’ve had hundreds of absolutely incredible dream experiences including lucid dreams, WILDS, DILDS, “Astral travel dreams”, time travel dreams, liminal dreams (in-between wake and sleep)… and many more.

I’ve taught lucid dreaming to over 3000 people through my online Lucid Dreaming course on Insight Timer.  (4.9 / 5 stars).

I’m certified as a Mindfulness Teacher with the Complimentary Medical Association, I trained under Shamash Alidina.

I also have a BA in Psychology. I am a Sleep Specialist, registered with the California Medical Board. 

The credential is RPSGT (Registered Polysomnographic Technologist).  Polysomnography is the technical term for in-lab sleep studies.  So, I have learned and practiced quite a bit of  Sleep Medicine, and I’ve worked directly with Physicians and patients in a sleep clinic for over 10 years.  I’ve also worked in sleep & dream research at the University of California San Diego and the VA Hospital (studying nightmares in Veterans with PTSD).  

And I’ve studied, trained, and earned a certificate (PESI) in Cognitive Behavioral Therapy for Insomnia (CBT-I) which is the Gold Standard behavioral treatment for Insomnia.  (I offer coaching for insomnia management and prevention).

So, it’s been quite a busy 15 years since I originally promised myself I’d dedicate my life to teaching lucid dreaming and now I’m honored to teach you! 

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