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What is lucid dreaming?

Lucid dreaming is conscious awareness reactivated during the dream state.  Lucidity means Clarity – mental clarity of the fact that you’re dreaming during the dream.

Is this considered mindfulness?

Mindfulness is a practice of enhancing mental clarity and awareness.  Lucid dreaming is a very similar skillset, just during a different state of consciousness.

How do I practice lucid dreaming?

There are many steps involved in practicing, but generally it’s simple:  Keep a dream journal, take a mindful approach, learn and practice the techniques and exercises in the app.

Lucid dreaming with the brain

Dream Articles

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7 Proven tips: how to remember your dreams Some people naturally remember their dreams, but if you’re reading this article, that’s probably not the case for you.  Before we cover how to remember dreams, why do you want to remember…

Meditation and lucid dreaming share the same origin   Typically, we think of meditation and lucid dreaming as two distinct practices. However, they both stem from the same origin: Tibetan Buddhist Dream Yoga.  In this ancient tradition, both exercises were practiced together as one…

If you’ve ever experienced sleep paralysis, you already know how disturbing it can be. But understanding this phenomenon can help put your mind at ease if it happens again.  In this article, we’ll cover what sleep paralysis is, what tends to cause it,…

What is lucid dreaming? Before diving into how to lucid dream, you should understand what exactly lucid dreaming is.  Simply put, lucid dreaming is conscious awareness of the fact that one is dreaming during a dream.  While we're sleeping, particularly…

By Jason Cassidy & Aaron Jolly If you want to learn lucid dreaming, I highly recommend taking the Mindful approach and using the Mind Awake app.  Motivation, understanding, and persistence are the three keys to mastering lucid dreaming. However, while…

Mindfulness and lucid dreaming are both skills.  Like any skill we develop in life, they take practice, patience, repetition, and diligence.  As you practice lucid dreaming and spend more time focusing on your dreams, you'll surely realize there's no shortage…

In this article, in addition to simply explaining what lucid dreaming is, we dive into the deeper value of dreaming in general.  First, we define dreams and a few different ways to think about dreaming.  Next, we move on to…

Understanding Memory of Lucid Dreams In this article, we’re going to cover the fundamentals of dream recall including lucid vs non-lucid dream recall, how to improve memory of lucid dreams, and a certain type of memory involved with lucid dreaming…

Ever felt stuck in a lucid nightmare? We’ve got the answers you need. Dreams can be strange and bizarre — especially when you get lucid and you know you’re in a dream. But what happens when you become lucid in…

First, what are nightmares? Nightmares are the most intensely frightening dreams we can have.  The word Nightmare originates from the Old English 'Maere' - an evil spirit thought to lie on top of and suffocate the sleeping person. Because these…

Mindfulness has become increasingly integrated into Western culture. In fact, it’s grown so popular, and valuable, that Apple has included Mindfulness as one of the four pillars of health, right alongside Diet, Exercise, and Sleep in HealthKit, as well it…


Here are some of my favorite books on Dreams and Lucid Dreaming. These books clarify the value of integrating with dreams, and they provide remarkable insight into the phenomenology of lucid dreaming.

Lucid Dream Book
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Exploring the World of Lucid Dreaming by Stephen LaBerge.  Dr. LaBerge is the Godfather of Lucid Dreaming in the West.  This is the first book I’ve ever read on Lucid dreaming and it is a strong influence on my work.  A Must read!

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Dream Yoga by Adrew Holecek.  This is a great account of how Andrew got into lucid dreaming and how he’s developed and mastered his practice.  Highly recommend this book.

Learn Lucid Dreaming
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Learn to Lucid Dream by Kristen LaMarca.  Kristen is a clinical Psychologist, Dream Researcher, author, and one of the world’s leading experts in lucid dreaming.  Be sure to get a copy of this thorough, clear, and in-depth guide to lucid dreaming.  Also, check out her online, interactive course Mindful Lucid Dreaming, a personal favorite of mine.

Lucid Dreaming Laberge
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Lucid Dreaming, A Concise Guide to Awakening in Your Dreams and in Your Life by Stephen LaBergeThis little book is short, sweet, and to the point.  Including an audio CD with guided meditations, this quick read incepted my idea for guided lucid dreaming via mobile app!

The Sleeping Third  Is a really cool, content-rich website by lucid dreamer Allison McCarthy.  Featured on Vox’s “The Mind Explained” Dream episode, Allison is a highly experienced lucid dreamer and Sleep Health advocate.  Check out her awesome site featuring hundreds of her published lucid & non-lucid dreams, and many more insightful, inspiring tidbits on Sleep and Dreams .

Dream work in therapy
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Dream Work in Therapy  by Clara E. Hill.  This informative and instructional book offers clinical examples and clear methodology of Clara’s cognitive-experimental model for dream work in clinical practice.  Whether you’re a licensed Mental Health Practitioner or just interested in dream work, this book is a useful reference for how & why dreams are valuable tools for personal growth and development.

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