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"This program is very well done. I am a sleep & dream researcher who is obsessed with lucid dreaming and this course is extremely useful! Jason teaches the most important concepts in the space. Condensed many techniques and lucid philosophies into concise audio portions. Amazing content, incredibly executed. Keep up the amazing work!" -- Amy
"I did it! I used the balance beam technique and it worked to go straight into a dream. Of course I flew out the window which rocked! Bonus of this series is that I’m not bummed if I find myself awake in the middle of the night as it gives me a chance to practice. Thank you!" -- Sandy
"I found this course to be helpful and changed my perspective about sleep. Taking the guided approach is helping me improve my sleep quality. Thank you!" -- Laura
"This program is awesome. The course is flat-out, bone-simple, brilliant. Not a word, or breath is an extraneous move. Jason is an incredible listener and teacher." -- Micah
"I really found the course to be valuable. It brought to my attention factors that were affecting my sleep, or lack thereof, and tools to help me find a path to better sleep. Thank you for your thoughtful teaching and perspective. I will continue to cultivate and practice what you have taught." --Bob
"Excellent program! Jason includes instruction on getting lucid, of course, but also thorough explanation of mindfulness which truly does prepare you for lucid dreaming. I attained a few short lucid dreams and some sub-lucid dreams, in which I made note to observe colors, and discovered how vivid the colors are in my dreams. Take this program! It's well worth your time, and will change both your dream experience and your waking life!" - Jodi
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